February Mailer

I'm so excited to write my first post about my February mailer! Before I go any further, though, I currently haven't set up a way for those not currently receiving the mailer to sign up, but I hope do so in the near future so stay tuned for that! I do have both original designs available for digital download through my Etsy shop, though if anyone was curious :)

February Mailer pieces

I was excited to have my hand lettering on the print this month and plan on doing so for the rest of the prints this year! Of course since it was February, there was a love theme. 

The prints are 5in x 7in and perfect as stationary or even just framed for decoration. I love the color combo of the bright pink and pastel turquoise in that photo on the right.

Cactus sticker image

This month's mailer also had a cactus illustration - trying to stay #relevant (haha). The best surprise though...

was that it is a sticker - Surprise! I mean, I hope you all figured that out already, but if not, you're welcome :)

I'm excited to hear what you thought about this month's mailer and what you might want to see in future mailers! Let me know through either my contact page or on Facebook or even in a comment down below!

See you next Wednesday!