You are Awesome Desktop Wallpaper | Free Download

Happy Wednesday! I must admit, I had a different post for today, but after such a great response on my Instagram post yesterday, I just really felt led to create a desktop wallpaper letting you know that you are awesome so you can see it and remember it all day, every day.

Last week I was having quite the week. The kind of week where my eye twitch came back (fun fact: I first got an eye twitch from the stress of my first finals week ever in college and it only comes back at peak stress times), but I was trying to stay positive nevertheless! Then it occurred to me that I'm probably not the only one feeling this way and getting overwhelmed with the craziness of the season! 

That's why I posted this photo yesterday and wanted to let everyone know that you are awesome, you can do this, and we're all in it together! (cue High School Musical soundtrack)

you are awesome letterboard

It seemed like so many were in the same boat and needed to hear how awesome they (you!) are! So I decided to push my scheduled post to next week and bring you a new desktop wallpaper so you can be reminded about this truth!

you are awesome wallpaper download below

And of course this was made with watercolors and my favorite watercolor hand letting brush pen. I can't even tell you how much I love working with that brush pen! It's the same technique that I used in my Faith, Hope, and Love wallpaper design.

Head over to my Instagram story (for just today!) to grab the phone screen version so you can have double the reminder of how awesome you are!

Now that we're moving into fall and the holidays, do you have a suggestion for a craft you'd like to see or something you've seen on Pinterest, but have no idea how to make it?! Let me know on Facebook and it can become a future blog step-by-step tutorial!

Have an awesome week, awesome people! :)

See you next Wednesday!