Trendy Back to School Supplies DIY | Cricut Craft

It's already back-to-school?! Okay I admit it, I'm not going back to school myself...but I definitely will always be found in the back to school section at Target every year :) It always amazes me how many new, cute, and trendy school supplies I find each year!

This year Target has the CUTEST section of beautifully colored (with unicorn and mermaid accents) supplies! I saw some plain folders by Yoobi in the prettiest coral, turquoise, and lavender and could not pass up the opportunity to make them even cuter with some help from my Cricut machine ;)

So if you're looking for a way to add some cuteness and inspiration to your supplies or your child's back to school supplies - look no further!

trendy back to school diy

For this DIY, you'll need:

  • Folders in colors of your choice
  • Cricut vinyl (I used holographic and rose gold)
  • Cricut machine (not pictured)
  • Templates (links below!)

Another great thing about Target's Yoobi items (by the way, I'm totally not being sponsored by them) is that for every Yoobi item you buy, they donate an item of supplies to a school - I love that!

For this DIY, I created two inspirational quotes and (obvious choice) created a unicorn template for you to use!


I love love love this quote - it's one of my favs. I tried to imagine what I would want to read each day when at school when opening folders and decided this would be a great daily reminder!

Another one of my favorite quotes. I love this quote mainly because it can either mean that you spread a little light to everyone you meet (always my goal) or literally you can tell where I've been crafting because there is a trail of glitter ;)

unicorn template

You know how sometimes things turn out better than you imagined in your head? That is this unicorn template! Ahh I just want to cut out all the holographic unicorns and put them on EVERYTHING! Seriously though - think of the possibilities: unicorn binders, unicorn hydroflask water bottle, unicorn laptop, unicorn... okay I'm still thinking of other things, but you get the point ;)


Goodness, I love these folders! I hope you found exactly what you needed to take your back to school supplies to a magical, happy place!

If you think of even more things to use these templates on, please share with me on Instagram or Facebook!

Okay friends, you heard it here first...on to the fall crafting!! ;)

See you next Wednesday!