Faux Hanging Terrarium DIY

A couple weeks ago I went with two friends to Hobby Lobby who don't shop as frequently as craft stores as I do - meaning it's not part of their weekly routine ;) It's so fun to find new things through their eyes!

One of my friends has really been wanting a hanging terrarium. When we didn't find one already made that she liked, I suggested we make it! Let's be honest, she was kind of skeptical and kind of scared, but with much reassuring, I got her to agree and even be the hands for this step-by-step. All of this to prove that you can craft it too!

Another moment of honesty: we created a faux terrarium because this friend also recently killed a cactus...so...highly recommend this craft for your not-so-green-thumb friends! :)

I highly suggest you use the same method we did when creating this craft: grab a friend, get some supplies, turn up the music, and have a dance party! Oh and then go ahead and craft the terrarium ;)

For this DIY, you'll need:

  • scissors and wire cutters 
  • hot glue gun and glue
  • hanging glass terrarium (we used these
  • an assortment of faux succulents (I'd suggest getting one larger, main succulent and a couple smaller accent succulents)
  • a moss mix (we used this one)

First, you'll want to pull off sections of the moss you'd like to use as the base in your terrarium. You can arrange it to go slightly up the sides, but mainly on the bottom as the base for the succulents. Place small blobs (technical term ;) ) of hot glue and glue the moss on sections at a time. Get creative! Mix and match your moss, layer them on top of each other - there is no wrong way!

Next, use scissors or wire cutters (if the succulent is connected with wire) to separate the succulents from the stems. I'd suggest using one main succulent and multiple smaller succulent pieces. Take each piece and, without glue, place them inside the terrarium to figure out where you'd like them. When you figure out where you'd like them, place hot glue in each spot, similar to how you placed the moss.

And that's it! Find a nice place to hang your terrarium and you're good to go! Added bonus: since they're all fake, there is no need to water them and you don't have to worry about them being in direct sun or not. 

Is now also a good time to mention how great really tiny dinosaurs would look in these? ;)

Make sure to tag me on Instagram so I can see your creativity when you try this craft! Do you have ideas for crafts you've been wanting to make, but don't know where to start? Let me know on Facebook!

See you next Wednesday!