4 (Easy) Washi Tape DIYs

Welcome back for yet another fun, easy DIY :) Sometimes I worry that I'll run out of DIY ideas to share with you, so I like to ask my friends for ideas every so often so I can get ideas based on other people's likes and interests! Today's post was inspired by one of my friend's ideas to create a DIY with washi tape!

4 (Easy) Washi Tape DIYs

I can't believe how many colors, sizes, and patterns of washi tape there are now! Does it kind of date me to say I remember when it first became a thing way back when? ;) My husband actually bought me a cool organizer (pretty sure it was supposed to be for tools) to hold all my washi tape when we were dating. He just gets me. :)

I'm so excited to share these 4 DIY ideas and I hope that they will be new-to-you ideas! I definitely have given multiple versions of the hostess vase gift before and love to always add special touches to snail mail with cute patterns! 

I love that adding such a simple detail of washi tape to so many things can create such a personalized and fun touch!

1. Hostess Vase Gift


For this DIY you'll need:

  • a mason jar (you won't need the lid)
  • washi tape in different colors
  • flowers to fill your vase!

Choose one color of washi tape. Stick to the mason jar and create a straight (as possible while eyeballing) horizontal line around the mason jar. Tear a little extra at the end when you have wrapped it all the way around. Overlap the end piece of the washi tape on top of the starting piece.

Repeat with all the other colors in alternating patterns. 

Place some flowers and water in your fancied-up vase for the perfect hostess gift or a beautiful centerpiece!

2. Monogram Desk Decor

IMG_0896 (1).jpg

For this DIY you'll need:

  • paper mach√© letter
  • acrylic paint 
  • sponge paintbrush (you may also need a smaller paintbrush too if your letter has small spaces to paint)
  • washi tape (I'd suggest at least two patterns)

First, paint the entire front and sides of the paper macheé letter. I didn't paint the back because I knew it wouldn't show, but also because it would be hard to hold with the front having wet paint. If you'd like to pain the back too, though, go for it!

Once your paint has dried, which is usually pretty fast with this type of paint, wrap a line of washi tape on the very bottom of your letter for the beginning line. Don't for get to wrap around the sides to the back. It's okay if the back isn't pretty since it won't be seen.

Next, leave some space in between the first line of washi tape and place your second line of washi tape using a different pattern than the first. Continue to repeat these steps using alternating patterns of washi tape.

You may need to make some cuts to have the tape lay flat in certain space like I did. This will of course depend on your letter! Keep alternating patterns until you reach the top of your letter.

3. Personalized "Snail Mail"

For this DIY you'll need:

  • your card (or any mail)
  • an envelope
  • washi tape

This is the easiest of all 4 DIYs, but really adds a big touch to your mail! First write your note. Then, after you've sealed your envelope, line each edge with the washi tape, overlapping each side. Trim any excess off each edge. 

Simply address your card and add an accent piece across the envelope flap if you'd like! It's amazing how something so simple makes such a difference.

4. Decorative Planter

For this DIY, you'll need:

  • different patterned and sized washi tape
  • a pot or pail (or whatever you'd like to put your plant in) 

And that's all you'll need! I chose to use this aluminum pot I found at Hobby Lobby because I liked how it was a little different from a traditional terra-cotta pot.

You'll want to use the same technique as before in the Hostess Vase Gift DIY (#1) to wrap the washi tape around the pot, alternating different patterns and sizes. 

I hope these DIYs gave you some new ideas for your washi tape collection! Or maybe gave you a reason to go pick up some washi tape ;) They come in so many patterns and sizes and packs now I know you'll have fun finding the perfect washi tape to use for these DIYs!

7.18 cover2.png

As always, please let me knew if you craft any of these projects! Tag me on Instagram and leave me a comment on Facebook if you have any DIY ideas you'd like to see come to life!

See you next Wednesday!