4th of July Home Decor DIY

Did you see my hint earlier this week on Instagram about today's post? :) It had all the confetti! Star confetti, to be exact. Red, white, and blue start confetti, if you want to be really specific about it ;)

Last week I was talking about how much I love celebrating the 4th of July, so you know I had to get one more patriotic craft in before the 4th comes next week!

6.26 social media.jpg

This DIY is perfect for your own home if you're relaxing for the 4th and it's also easy enough to create for a host gift if you're celebrating at a friend's home!


For this DIY, you will need:

  • Wooden star (I bought mine in the seasonal spot of Hobby Lobby)
  • Red, white AND blue acrylic paint
  • White vinyl
  • Paint brushes in a couple sizes
  • Cricut pattern (CLICK HERE)
  • Not pictured: Cricut machine

First, paint the inside of the star red, the outside of the star blue, and the front piece white (see photos). I did two coats of the blue so there would be a solid background. I did three coats of the white so it wasn't transparent.

Next, I used my Cricut machine to cut out stars and a patriotic verse, "God bless America" on white vinyl.


I really wanted to use the white vinyl against the blue background of the star, but it was so hard to tell where each piece was! I also didn't want to use transfer tape for the stars because I wanted them to be placed kind of whimsically, so it would be easier to arrange them by hand.

I'm excited to say that I found a tool that helped me immensely with seeing and cutting out/placing the vinyl!

Have you guys heard of OttLite? They're natural light lamps to help crafters! They were so kind to send me this lamp to try out and I loved it. I'm going to be honest: I probably wouldn't have let them send it to me if having a hard time seeing what I'm cutting out or peeling off wasn't a problem I've had SO many times. And here's another fun fact about me too...

I have seriously horrible eye sight. It's just who I am and my optometrist and I basically laugh about how horrible it is every year when I go for my appointment because what else can you do but laugh?! What I love about this OttLite, though, is that it has a built in magnifying glass! The top piece has a cover that you simply flip open to reveal the magnifying glass - SO helpful. I wish I had this OttLite for so many crafts in the past and I'm so excited to use it for so many in the future!

I used this tool to help me cut the star pieces apart from the words. I stuck on the stars (like stickers) on the left top side of the star. I placed the words on each side of the star following the stars, one word per side. The photos below help make sense of this!

And there you have it! Easy-peasy, a patriotic craft that you DIY'd, but looks like you bought it already created ;)

I'd love to see what variations you make of this craft! You could change up the colors on the star, change the font on the pattern - it's all up to you!

Be sure to tag me on Instagram and share your craft on Facebook so I can see what amazing things you create! :)

See you next Wednesday!

Disclaimer: While I am not an affiliate with or paid by OttLite, they offered to send me this light for free to include in a DIY. The DIY, blog post, and opinions are my own.