4th of July Bandana Wreath DIY

We've done it friends! We've almost made it to summer solstice - the longest day of the year, the first official day of summer, the day I live for! Okay that's a bit extreme ;) but tomorrow is the first day of summer! Break out your shorts, iced coffee, and 4th of July decorations because summer is happening!

4th of July is one of my favorite holidays (probably mainly because it's my husbands absolute favorite holiday). Our 4th of Julys together have always included going to his parent's house for a BBQ and when it gets dark, he puts together a full on mini firework show. My favorite parts related to fireworks are picking them out at the stand with him and playing with sparklers :) The most amazing part is that his parent's dog will just sit outside and join us in watching the show without even being scared! Last year she even started falling asleep. What other dog have you heard of that loves fireworks?!

I'm so excited to create 4th of July d├ęcor and share it with you! Whether you're having a full on party with fireworks or just hanging around your house, this week's DIY will add some USA right into your home :)

6.20 social media.jpg

This bandana flag wreath is super easy, inexpensive, and took me probably 15-20 minutes to create tops! 


For this DIY you'll need:

  • One (1) 13.8in (35cm) foam wreath form
  • One (1) blue bandana
  • Two (2) white bandanas
  • Three (3) red bandanas
  • Glue gun
  • Red ribbon
  • Pins (I got sized 12 -- 3/4 in so they were shorter)

Fold the blue bandana starting at one corner almost like you're rolling it up or as you would if you were wearing it in your hair (see photo below). Use the glue gun to secure the opposite corner so it stays together.

Next place glue on the wreath (this will now be the back side of the wreath) and stick the blue bandana onto the wreath. Add some pins to help hold and secure the bandana to the wreath mold.

Then, begin wrapping the bandana at a diagonal around the wreath until the end gets to the back side of the wreath. Glue and pin down the end of the bandana in the same way you did at the beginning.

Next, fold the red bandana just like you did with the blue one before. Make sure to glue down the opposite corner. Overlapping the blue bandana to the blue bandana slightly, repeat the same steps of glueing and pinning to the backside and wrapping. Repeat this while alternating between red and white (starting with red), making sure to glue and pin the beginning and end of each bandana to the back side of the wreath form.

The amount of bandanas mentioned above should be enough to cover this size wreath form. Arrange the wreath so the blue bandana is in the top left (like on the American flag). You can totally leave it just like this at this point, but I had found some star shaped brads that I decided to add to the blue bandana to look more like the flag. I simply pushed each tiny star into the bandana and wreath form for them to stay. No glue needed!

Then, cut a piece of ribbon to approximately 3 feet long. Fold it in half, place it under the wreath where the blue and red bandana meet with the fold of the ribbon on top. Pull the bottom piece of the ribbon through the fold loop and pull. Tie a ribbon at the top so it can hang.

And that's it! Simply hang on your door and you've just upped your 4th of July festivity! ;)

You could totally use your creativity to add to this wreath with more details, or a larger wreath form and more bandanas, or creating a different bandana pattern. I personally liked the simplicity of the wreath just like this, but I'd love to see how you make it your own! Tag me on Instagram or post to my Facebook page if you try out this craft! :)

I hope your first official day of summer is great and you have many iced coffees in your upcoming week ;)

See you next Wednesday!