Two Halloween Costumes, One Tutu DIY

Fun fact about me: when it’s a time to dress up, to me that means one thing - a tutu :) And by dress up I mean costume and by costume I mean, obviously, Halloween! Can you believe it’s only a week away?! So crazy.

I’ve created a couple costumes that are perfect for a last minute costume idea! And they both use the same simple DIY. I’m so excited to share these with you because not only are they super easy to put together, they also are way less expensive than buying a costume!

10.24 cover.jpg

The best part is that these tutus take an hour or less to make and could cost you as little as $8 since tulle is so inexpensive! You’d be the champion of the most cost effective costume for sure this year!

Keep scrolling to see the easy step-by-step and inspo for both this ringleader and unicorn costume!

For this simple tutu DIY, you’ll need:

  • 2-3 yards of tulle (total)

  • Ribbon (the size of your waist plus 2 feet)

  • Scissors (and also a rotary cutter if you have one!)


First, cut the tulle in half at the fold where it was folded on the bolt of fabric (so repetitive - I’m sorry!). Now you’ll have two pieces. Fold these two in half twice (you should have 8 layers on top of each other if you count). Cut these into 4 inch strips. Keep them in layers of two. Repeat for each color tulle you’re using.

Measure one foot from one end of the ribbon. Make sure to not place any tulle on the first or last 12 inches of your piece of ribbon.

Take a pair of strips and fold them in half. Place the ribbon near the loop of the tulle (where it’s folded in half). Pull the bottom strands through the loop. Repeat these steps with each of the colors, alternating as you like!

These steps are very similar to a throwback from the St. Patrick’s day fabric banner from the very beginning of this blog!

To wear the tutu, you simply tie the completed tutu around your waist using the foot of ribbon left over at each end! And now you can use this one DIY to create two different costumes!


To create this look, I used and crafted these elements:

  • red t-shirt with gold tassels hot glued on sleeves

  • tutu DIY with black and gold tulle/chiffon

  • black blazer (optional)

  • black leggings or jeans

  • tall brown boots

  • a wooden dowel spray painted black

  • foam top hat (I found this in the Christmas section of Hobby Lobby!)

  • accent necklace

I love this look! It’s so simple, but makes a great impact. And no one can blame you if you go around belting all the songs from The Greatest Showman ;)

unicorn costume diy

To create this look, I used and crafted the following elements:

  • pastel colored tutu

  • unicorn horn headband (I got mine from the Target dollar section!)

  • colorful jewelry

  • colorful shorts (and color leggings would work too!)

  • short boots (think “hooves” ) ;)

  • pink boa cut to tail length (you can tuck into your shorts or behind the tied tutu)

Very “my little pony,” right?! I love how colorful this costume is! I put my hair in puffy ponytails to mimic the unicorn’s mane! The pastel colors looked so pretty shining in the sun.

If you live in colder weather, you could always put a long sleeve shirt with either of these costumes to adapt it to what you need.

I hope you enjoyed these costume ideas! There are so, so many other things you can create with a tutu, too! :) If you’re wearing a tutu as part of your costume, share it with me on Instagram or Facebook! I’d love to see it!

See you next week!