Rustic Hello Fall Banner DIY

Remember last week when I mocked the rainy weather? We really experienced a genuine thunder storm all night long this past weekend. It was crazy, but also so nice to have that rain. It finally feels like autumn for real! I’m going to move right past the point that I’m afraid of thunder and I stayed under the covers the whole night in fear ;)

In the spirit of true autumnal weather, I had to keep decorating to match :) I created this super easy fall banner that completes my fall decor perfectly! I dare you to try and find an easier DIY that creates this much of an impact!

Golden Fall Banner DIY

For this DIY, you’ll need:

  • Burlap banner (I found my ready to make banner at Hobby Lobby)

  • Golden Cricut Iron-on

  • Cricut machine (not pictured)

  • Cricut template (below)

  • Iron (not pictured)

  • Scissors

First, use this CRICUT TEMPLATE and follow the directions on the iron-on to make sure the letters and leaf cut out correctly. Then cut each letter apart from each other on the iron-on.

Take each letter and align it to the center of each triangle piece of the banner. You may need to take off a few burlap triangle pieces to have just the right number for each letter (and leaf). Make sure you place the leaf cut out in the middle of “Hello” and “Fall.”

I used both the technique of very, very gently ironing on top of the clear transfer as well as ironing with a towel on top of the letters. Both work! The towel takes more time, but there isn’t a risk of a burning the letter.

Don’t forget to take off the clear transfer on top of each letter! Using iron-on onto burlap adds a cool texture to the banner!

Once you have all of your letters ironed on, find the perfect place to hang it up! I placed it on top of this mantle and added some leaf string lights from the Target dollar section. The rest of the fall decor is brought together by the banner - it adds just the right touch!


Can you believe that it’s almost Halloween?! I’m excited to share Halloween tips, tricks, and treats (see what I did there?) in the upcoming weeks so make sure you follow me on Instagram or Facebook to see everything right when I post!

See you next week!